Painting or wellness lessons?!

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Painting or wellness lessons?!

Perhaps not everyone knows that I hold drawing and painting lessons at my workshop.

They are not courses that would require a specific program that takes you from here to there and so many meetings allow you to reach a goal.

The aim of my lessons is to help people discover the beauty of manual skills, of creating something with their own hands, each with their own rhythms and availability of free time to dedicate to themselves, based on their family and work commitments.

The famous psychologist Raffaele Morelli has dedicated various articles to this topic, he talks about manual skills and creativity as therapeutic activities, as something that helps, through the hands, to defeat anxiety and negative thoughts.

I have been experimenting with these wellness therapies for years, at the beginning unconsciously because painting was simply my job, I only realized when it stopped being so how therapeutic it was for me, to the point of making it become my profession again... but lived it with a different awareness.

My invitation is to listen to the prof. Morelli, be it painting, sculpture, embroidery or gardening. Don't let yourself get caught up in "I don't have time" or "I don't have the place", even the walls know that wanting is power.

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