My story

I have always loved painting and I love my city, Como with its lake, which were immediately a source of inspiration. All this also influenced my youth studies .

Having an idea and not being able to help but make it visible on the canvas, seeing the drawing that is formed brushstroke after brushstroke, is a great energy released by passion.

Even more beautiful is bringing this creative energy into the homes of those who want a unique painting, perfectly integrated into their environment.

Developing an idea and making it perfect for a specific space by coordinating color and size with its furnishings is the purpose of my creation.

All this while remaining in contact with those who want to follow the creation of their painting step by step, making any changes that are necessary and only at the end, having obtained the desired result, sending the painting.

I like to think that in your home there is something that was created together.


Como, as I have already said, is my city where I began my pictorial activity.

After graduating as a textile designer in 1981, I began a career in the field of furnishing fabric design.

After this long period of working as a designer of furnishing fabrics, I understood that what had been a profession for years was actually my lifestyle and a reason for self-realization. And so my need to create, work with colors and manipulate objects and materials with my hands resurfaced. From that moment on, the leap from furnishing textiles to the desire to personalize the walls of my home and others was immediate.

Thus eldafrangiwallart was born.

My paintings and my proposals contain the experience I have acquired with passion and dedication. Passion for everything that is handmade and makes your home more welcoming and personal.

I participated in several events , these are the main ones:

July 2021:The state of the art at the time of the Architecture Biennale - Venice Art Gallery in Venice (Italy)
 July 2021: The Divine Comedy Exhibition – Rocca Brivio Sforza in Milan (Italy) divine-comedy-illustrated-with-333-works-by-contemporary-artists-curated-by-giorgio-grasso.html 
May 2021: The Spring of Art - Venezia Art Gallery in Venice (Italy)
 October-November 2020 collective exhibition: Autumn Icons - Italian Art Touch - Bologna-Italy autumn-2020/ 
October 2019 - collective exhibition: Palazzo Zenobio in Venice for the Biennale. Curator Giorgio Grasso
May 2019 - TripArt "The shape of water" in Cantù (Co) at Spazio Corte S. Rocco
September 2018 - participation in Arte in Torre in Alzate Brianza
February / September 2018 - Participation in various group exhibitions in the province of Como.

November 2018 - Participation in the ArtExpertise collective exhibition in Calolziocorte at the Monastero del Lavello
October 2017 - TripArt "A meeting of colors" in Erba (Co) at Opificio Zappa


May 2021 - The Divine Comedy by Giorgio Gregorio Grasso - National Institute of Culture Publishing House
April 2021 - Bazart painting series - Dantebus Publishing House
January/February 2020 - Téxvn - bimonthly magazine of international modern and contemporary art - La Notizia Publishing House